Tune-up Fitness yoga Massage Therapy 

Roll with it!

Recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors and pain medicine specialists, Tune Up Fitness Massage Therapy Balls provide on-demand pain relief, improve postural alignment, and provide targeted muscle relaxation. Expect to enjoy stress reduction and improved circulation when used on a regular schedule. 

There are 18 modules in the program, each one specifically focusing on a region of the body. Pick and choose which regions to focus on or complete the modules  head to toe to alleviate tension in your neck, shoulders, back, hips, IT band and feet. 

Classes are set up in calendar format at www.jogayoga.ca. There is limited space for each class, so please ensure your commitment to attend before signing up. 

Roll With It!
Yoga Studio Classes - Thursday Afternoons at 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Do you have the balls for this class? Focus is on improving yoga posture through fascial release using Tune Up Fitness Yoga Massage Therapy Balls method. Relieve pain and muscle tension through deep, targeted and precise movements.

Purchase of the yoga massage therapy balls is available for $25 so you can practice at home.

14 Devonshire Avenue, Pinawa -Please sign up at www.jogayoga.ca as space is limited.


Core/Torso Sequence

Feb 21: Sequence 1 - Global Shear Warm-up

Lower-Body Sequences

Feb 28: Feet

Mar 14: Ankles & Lower Legs

Mar 21: Knees

Mar 28: Thighs

Apr 11: Hips & Buttocks

Spine Sequences

Apr 18: Lower Back

Apr 25: Upper Back

Apr 25:

May 2: Ribcage

Shoulders to Fingers Sequences

May 9: Shoulder - Rotator Cuff

May 16: Shoulder - Elbow

May 23: Forearms, Fingers, Hands & Wrists

Neck & Head Sequences

May 30: Neck

Jun 6: Head, Face & Jaw

Freestyle Exploration

Jun 13: Front Seam

Jun 20: Back Seam

Jun 27: Side Seam

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