12 Months of wellness

a week-by-week resolution planner

Choose from two classes: Tuesday afternoons at 2:30pm

Habits are ingrained into our lives one day at a time, good or bad. Let's work together and be SMART about the good habits we want in our lives:                    Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Every month, you'll have a new theme to work with and, every week you'll have an activity to accomplish. Are you up for a challenge? How about October's Plank Challenge? November's Green Eating Challenge? The focus will be on fun, nutrition, family, getting organized & motivated, and lowering that stress level a notch or two. Get ready to live your optimal best self.

Classes are available each week on Tuesday afternoons at 2:30pm - 30 minutes each - $5

14 Devonshire Avenue, Pinawa - Please sign up at www.jogayoga.ca as space is limited.

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