mindfulness meditation

a year of living mindfully

You know the research. You know the benefits. Why is meditating so difficult?

Have you tried meditation? How'd that go? Impossible? Then these workshops are for you! Join us for any or all of the eight workshops held throughout the year for a spectrum of mindfulness activities. You're certain to find several methods that match the way you need to meditate. Each workshop offers six new awareness activities that will involve a range of modalities like breath work, journal writing, or focusing on certain aspects of your experience. If you are finding it impossible to sit/lie still and empty your mind to meditate, then practice mindfulness meditation! Fill your mind with a new way of thinking, release physical and mental habits that don't serve you, and improve your experience with the world. 

Workshops are $95.00 for all three sessions along with the outdoor foraging session which includes lunch. 

Mindfulness Meditation
Studio Yoga Classes - Wednesday evenings at 8:00pm (weekly classes end April 30th)

Body scans and beams of awareness, 7-11 breathing and watching the breath, and reflection journals and cultivating the attitudes are just a few of the activities you will be experiencing on your meditation journey. Get ready to reduce stress, improve your relationships, and engage your surroundings with awareness.

14 Devonshire Avenue, Pinawa - Please sign up on www.jogayoga.ca as space is limited.

Outdoor Meditation
Connection to the Divine in the Wild of the Woods

Prayer is not only about asking for your life to go in a certain direction, it is about thanking, blessing, and praising through a personal experience of profound spiritual transformation. Join us as we head outdoors in the wild of the woods to discover and draw upon the connection that attunes our soul to the Divine Spirit. Find your own way to be centered and still, to draw peace towards you. 

Various Outdoor Locations to be Announced on Joga Yoga's Facebook page (weather permitting). Workshops are scheduled around the cycles of the Earth: 

February 1 - First Day of Imbolc

March 21 - Spring Equinox

May 1 - First Day of Beltane (Spring Foraging Expedition)

June 21 - Summer Solstice

August 1 - First Day of Lughnasadh (Fall Foraging Expedition)

September 21- Autumn Equinox

November 1 - First Day of Samhain 

December 21 - Winter Solstice

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